Saturday, June 27, 2009

William James & Josiah Royce

This conference took place, as part of the "William James Lecture on Religious Experience" series, May 25-27, 2007, in Harvard University's Lowell Lecture Hall, to assess the interactions, contributions, and continuing resonance of two major American philosophers and Harvard professors.

Speakers included John Clendenning, Harvey Cormier, Mathias Girel, Peter Hare, Jacquelyn Kegley, James T. Kloppenberg, Felicitas Kraemer, David Lamberth, John Lachs, John J. McDermott, Frank Oppenheim, Hilary Putnam, Robert Richardson, Sandra Rosenthal, Linda Simon, Chris Skowronski, Ignas Skrupskelis, Cornel West, and others.

Click here for Realplayer recordings of the conference